Officially opened June 4, 2005, Black Mountain Recreational Park receives tens of thousands of riders each year from all over the world who come to take in the beauty and take on the challenge of the rugged Appalachian Mountains.



  • Open all day, all year-round
  • Over 200 Miles of Marked and Rated Trails
  • Approximately 7,000 Acres of Mountainous Terrain
  • Elevations up to 3,300 feet high
  • Detailed trail maps available
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Extreme ATV Trails
  • Levels 1 through 5 4x4 Trails and Obstacles
  • Two Convenient Trailheads
  • Minutes from rental cabins, RV Hookups and other amenities


Check out the October 2010 JP Magazine article "Trails of Dreams"  Harlan KY. came in at #7 on Trasborg's Top Ten List!  I quote "Challenging trails with everything from rocks to eel-snot slick hill climbs.  It was the first time in over a decade that I felt welcome in a town even after they learned I was a Jeeper."


"One thing about Harlan is that it is HUGE compared to the parks many are used to running.  It takes several hours of gettin' it on to get across the mountain from side to side instead of a quick run down a main road.  But that hugeness translates to miles of trails, opportunity to get as big and bad as ANYONE wants.  But for those close to stock, or even stockers, the main trail system is phenomenal!  Mountain top scenery abounds, with overlooks, 3000 foot drops, wildlife, etc.  Virtually every big obstacle is accessible via a graded or semi-graded road, which makes going to observe the big dogs play very easy.  The nice trail roads also make sure that many many miles of wheeling are open to all levels of participant."   Guy Fredrick


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