Crawl 4 Christ 2012 - on the Slick Rock

Posted by trailfrog on December 1, 2012 at 7:45 PM

As we have mentioned in previous issues, the 2012 Crawl 4 Christ event was planed and executed in Moab, UT for 2012.  With Brian & Kristi Letendre taking the reins and organizing the event for this year the UCORA event continues to move forward. 

Maintaining the status as a traveling event the Crawl 4 Christ has now traveled and checked off another geographical location of the United States.  Being as far east as Harlan, Ky. and now as far west as Moab, UT we have surely lived up to the billing of a traveling event.   Traveling for over 1800 miles across the United States from east to west.  But we are also reaching out over many more miles than that.  This year we had attendees from the far eastern shores of Florida to as far west as western California.

As expected the number of attendees was not as large as we experienced in our strong hold events in the mid west, but that is what we had expected.  But we are about more than just the numbers.  We continue to draw participation from many new folks each year that would have been unable to attend had we remain in the mid sections of the US.

As far as location of next year’s event, that is still up in the air.  We will be awaiting input and proposals from several different locations.

Now, on about this year’s event. Due to conflicting schedules, it was not until the last few weeks of registration that it was confirmed that C4X4 would indeed be able to make this year’s event.  The Lord did worked out the conflicts and made it all possible. 

Even our vehicle of choice remain unclear right up until the last week as to how it would all play out but C4X4 finally ended up towing out a 04 Jeep TJ Rubicon for the events.  This made for a nice trail rig for the events but did limit us to the medium to mild trails since this little Rubi had to remain operational since it is actually a vehicle that I have up for sale.  We all know that any big bends or gashing would definitely diminish the selling value.  But all went well and I returned the little Rubi safely home to Oklahoma by the end of the next week.

As C4X4 arrived at the camp grounds on Tuesday Brian had the registration flowing smoothly and left little for us to assist him with.  We just pitched our tent and set forth on the mission of visiting with old and new friends.  We slipped off for a nice sit down dinner with our old friends the Crafts from Kansas.  Gotta have some time for our girls. 

As  Wednesday rolled around it was a little kick back time and getting acquainted with new attendees.  Then we all gathered at mid court of the camp grounds for a bring your own eatin, meet and greet time.  We even got to meet the coordinator of our trail guides.

On Thursday as the sun rose over the eastern mountain tops it was time to get things rollin.  We all met up with our trail leaders at the south end of the park, picked our poison (trail of choice) and soon headed out for action.

C4X4 headed out north of town to run the Golden Bar trail with trail leader Jeff Stevens which did a great job of leading us across the barren land of Moab.  We all returned that evening with only a few minor malfunctions to be tended to.

On Friday it was ladies day and the ladies were encouraged to take the wheel.  So Judy took the controls of the Rubi for the day.  Again we headed out north of town and covered the Secret Spiral trail.  We were escorted on this trail by the legendary Ber Knight who after completing this run took some of our group on a optional scenic deviation through another canyon drive that was beautiful.  Ber Knight (now in his mid 80’s) is largely responsible for the baseline data the BLM used to make its route designations. Since 1992, he's driven almost every road in the resource area, documenting their conditions, GPS-ing their locations, and mapping them. He provided this data to the county who vetted it and then furnished it to the BLM during the planning process.  In short we were escorted by a true legend.

With Hell’s Revenge probably remaining the most popular trail of the group we remain with several options each day.  Each day the participants were allowed to chose just how tough of a trail they wanted to challenge.

On Saturday morning C4X4 had to depart early to meet our other obligations in California so we said our good byes as the groups gathered for the Saturday runs.  Little did we know of the excitement that would take place before the day was done.

As we were traveling south through Utah we received a text from Melinda Craft on a major roll over by our host on the Golden Bar trail.  She stated that everyone was alright but recovery was in progress.  Being helpless to assist we continue on south being only able to send our thoughts and prayers.

It saddened us greatly to hear that after all of his hard work what Brain had done, he had now ran into bad luck and damaged his very nice Toyota, but we praise God that he had installed a new roll cage in it before the event and that his family remain safe.  I’m sure we will post up more on that event later.

After a well organized recovery Brain was able to limp the wounded Toy back to the trail head.  There with help by communications back to camp using a Ham radio, Calvary Bill and Eric Craft and other members of the group had organized and taken Brian’s trailer to the trail head so the wounded Toy could be hauled back to camp.

Even with all of the excitement, and when everything was pulled back together I think we can safely say that the Lord has blessed us with another successful Crawl 4 Christ event.  Many more new friends were made and many old relationships were strengthened throughout the week. 

We want to thank God for all of our blessing during the week.  A big special thanks to all of the great event sponsors.  Also to all the attendees that put forth the effort to make the trip and to Brian and everyone that helped him along the way.

Until next year.  God Bless You and Yours and start making your plans to attend next years Crawl 4 Christ event, where ever it is held.

Okie Out.---  David Austin.



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